YCY Organizational Structure

Prevention Model

The Coalition uses the Strategic Prevention Framework which includes the steps of Assessment, Capacity Building, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation.  All of the Coalition’s work is informed by an orientation towards cultural competence.  The Coalition seeks to implement strategies that are sustainable and have the power to change community norms. We strive to follow a process that is data and mission driven, transparent, and based in research about effective prevention strategies.


There is a Steering Committee that provides the leadership for the Coalition.  The Steering Committee is comprised of three members.  Steering Committee members are elected in January and serve for a term of three years.  The role of the Steering Committee is to set the agenda for Coalition meetings, solicit and respect members input, and make decisions on behalf of the Coalition. Decisions are made by consensus. 


Our members are the Coalition’s most important resource.  Member input is vitally important and actively encouraged. Members and partners represent all sectors of the Yonkers community. There is no attendance requirement for membership but members are expected to be supportive of the mission and work of the Coalition. 

Youth Membership

There is a youth committee at each of the Yonkers Public High Schools and they meet monthly during the school year with their advisor.  Youth members help facilitate all of the prevention activities in their school communities.

Regular Coalition Meetings

Except when otherwise specified, regular meetings are held year round (except July and August) on the second Wednesday of every month at 1:00 PM at the Riverfront Library.



Regular communications are made between meetings via an email distribution list.  Agendas are sent in advance and minutes are distributed after each meeting.  Other information is also distributed through these communication channels.



Committees are established on an as-needed basis.  Each committee is led by a member of the Steering Committee.